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We ask campers respect these rules

to make our campground enjoyable for all.

Feel free to ask any questions or report any concerns to us.


A family is defined as 2 adults (at least 21 years old) and up to 3 unmarried children (under age 18) living within the  same household.  Valid form of ID must be presented for each person over age 18 at registration.  Children should be instructed about basic rules (no running through other campsites, proper disposal of juice boxes, etc.) One or two cars allowed on each site (Site Permitting). We will let you know where additional vehicles should be parked.  Extra persons will require additional charges, please ask.


As we are a long term campground campers may be brought in during most daylight hours and must be approved ahead of time.   Quiet time is 10:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday evenings and 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Friday & Saturday evenings.  No vulgar/foul/abusive language should be used at any time.
Visitors/Guest must be registered by text to 860-458-9225 before arrival by the camper they will be visiting.  They will be instructed where to park. No charge for immediate family (still must be registered).  Non-family overnight visitors will be charged $12.00 each.   Day visitors will be charged $6.00 each. NOTE:  your visitors/guest should use your facilities (toilet, shower, etc)


Speed limit is 7 MPH throughout the campground for cars, trucks, and golf carts and should be driven on campground roads only.  You must be 16 years old to drive any motorized vehicle.  Non-motorized bicycles may be also be used on campground roads.  Children under 16 years old MUST wear protective helmets when riding bicycles and should not be riding after dusk.


Campfires are allowed except under extreme forest fire danger conditions (drought or high winds).  Firewood may be purchased at the campground for a reasonable fee for your enjoyment.


(Asian Long-horned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, etc.). NO WOOD MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE CAMPGROUND unless by approved vendor

We have wood for purchase at a reasonable fee.
No cutting of wood is allowed within the campground.  Leave fireplaces where they are, do not leave fires unattended, and douse fires thoroughly upon retiring or leaving the property. Fire rings should NOT be used to burn or dispose of refuse.   No animals, birds, trees, or underbrush should be harmed in any way.


No swimming allowed in campground.  Bigelow Hollow State Park is 5 miles away and has a beautiful swimming area and a boat launch.  Black Pond is 3 miles away and is great for kayaking/boating and it has a 5 hp limit. Campers at Beaver Pines are also allowed to swim at the Woodstock Town Beach (about 15 minutes away).  Griggs Pond (adjacent to the campground) is owned by the State of Connecticut, therefore subject to all applicable state rules (life preservers, CT Safe Boating Certification, fishing licenses, no alcohol consumption, etc.). Campers are at their own risk when around water. An adult MUST supervise children under 16.


Alcohol & cannibus is permitted in moderation in the campground for those of legal age, but not to result in disruptive behavior. Illegal drugs are not permitted.  Please be respectful and discrete around other campers as well as children.


No smoking in any buildings (including porta-potties) or in the woods.  All cigarette butts are to be disposed of properly.


Two controlled pets are allowed per site and must be listed on registration.  They may be walked on a leash and must be picked up after.  Excessive barking will not be tolerated and will be handled by the Animal Control Officer.  Due to safety and concerns of our guests, breeds known to be vicious may not be permitted.  They must be vaccinated according to CT state laws.


Porta-potties are available during events at the pavillion or other recreational activities. Please let us know if they need service.  Regular toilets and showers are generally closed but may be opened under special circumstances (i.e. hurricane or power loss of more than six hours). Please DO NOT dispose of ANY sanitary products/diapers/etc. in toilets or porta-potties.  They should be disposed of in containers provided, or with other non-recyclable trash.


Recyclable items may be disposed of in the marked dumpster near the main building.  Plastic bags may not go in the recycling dumpster, they should be returned to the store (grocery stores and Walmart have places to return plastic bags).  Returnable bottles and cans may be recycled in our recycling bins in shed opposite of dumpsters .   We pick up bagged trash (white or clear 13 gallon kitchen bags)  from your site on Sundays and Wednesdays, have your trash at the end of your driveway by 4:00 p.m. on days we pick up.  We cannot allow disposal of broken chairs, appliances, tents, large boxes, etc., please take those home with you. Camp trailer black water holding tanks may be emptied for a fee. The service is done Monday and Thursday evenings and must be requested in advance.  Only approved RV chemicals & paper products are to be used in holding tanks (NO formaldehyde or ammonia). 


Possession or use of illegal drugs will result in immediate eviction from the campground.

Firearms are not permitted on campground property and will result in immediate eviction from the campground.


Golf carts are allowed in campground.  Drivers must be at least 16 years old and must observe 7 m.p.h. speed limit.  Must have lights when driving at night. Must have liability insurance.


Playground available for children 12 and under.